Are they worth keeping around?


“Put a rose in a sack of fish and soon the rose will start to stink too. Be careful of the company you keep.”

– His Holiness the 17th Karmapa Urgyen Trinley Dorje.

If you go off to a mountain retreat and live with monks and yogisyou will find that your behavior and outlook will naturally start to become very peaceful. If you go to Wall Street and hang out with wealthy executives you will find that you naturally become more greedy and competitive.

The people you hang out with change who you are. Because, as humans, we take in information from the world around us and, more importantly, we try to fit in to that world around us.

Your friends are important. They play a big role in how you see and interact with the world. Your future is largely dependent on their influence. So, are your friends really friends?


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